Accommodation for International Students in Australia

🏘️ 🇦🇺 In Australia, there are 5 cities that international students decide to live and study. There are various types of accommodation available for international students, whether it’s on-campus university accommodation, apartment-style living, homestays, or daily/monthly room rentals.

Today, NAICE would like to introduce different types of accommodations for international students who are planning to study in Australia. Let’s take a look at some options!


🔶 Hostels are budget-friendly accommodation that are similar to daily room rentals in Thailand. They typically consist of shared dormitories with multiple beds in one room, such as bunk beds. Hostels are suitable for short-term stays.

💵 Rental costs range from $AU 90 to $150 per week.

🏡Shared House

🔶 Shared houses are popular among international students in Australia. They are similar to boarding houses commonly found in Thailand. It’s suitable for students who want to live together and share the room expenses. Normally, these rooms have 2-3 beds.

💵 Rental costs range from $AU 150 to $275 per week.

🏡University Campus Accommodation

🔶 This is another option for university students. Universities provide on-campus accommodation for students to rent, offering convenience for studying and commuting. University campus accommodation is usually large, capable of housing 50 to 300 students, and students often share a room with one other person.

💵 Rental costs range from $AU 110 to $280 per week.


🔶 Homestays are accommodation where the homeowners open their homes for rent to individuals seeking residence. In most cases, students get to live with the homeowners, referred to as hosts.

💵 Rental costs range from $AU 235 to $325 per week.

Individual House Rental

🔶 Individual house rentals consist of single-bed rooms, and these are often suitable for single occupancy. These rooms provide more privacy compared to other types of accommodations.

💵 Rental costs range from $AU 185 to $440 per week.

🏡How to find accommodation in Australia?

1. Find accommodation on your own: International students can search and book accommodation themselves through websites that offer accommodation search services, such as,, and

2. Consult the school you are enrolled in Usually, institutions have partnerships with accommodations or can recommend nearby places to stay.

3. Consult the Tenancy Authority: In Australia, there are government agencies that provide advice specifically on accommodation and tenancy matters.

4. Consult NAICE: NAICE is a partner with more than eight accommodations in both Melbourne and Sydney.

So, if you contact NAICE for your study plans in Australia, you don’t have to worry about accommodation at all !!


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