Canada is an ideal destination for higher education studies; it is sought by almost half a million applicants from all over the world. The icing on the cake for Indian students who aspire to study in Canada is that a recent educational strategy set up by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses on expanding the number of foreign students. This means that international students are now more than welcome in Canada than ever before.

Canada has a total of 13 provinces and every single province has a world-class university. In addition to this, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec carry the largest foreign-student population. Canadian universities are equipped with top-notch educational facilities and extremely skilled and erudite faculty. Many Canadian higher educational institutions stand at par with leading universities from the U.S. and the UK. Some of the top-ranked Canadian universities are:

Here are the main categories of taught programmes- Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Master of Engineering (MEng), with each lasting for 1-2 years. These include lectures, tutorials, interactive teaching such as site visits, projects, group work. Most of these programs include a dissertation.

Under such programmes, students can gain hands-on, paid experience in their field of study. These are available in all disciplines and provide significant work exposure.

Owing to a 3-year bachelor’s degree offered by UK universities, the UK is a hit with undergraduate international applicants. Apart from the 3-year bachelor’s degrees, the other types of undergraduate courses offered in the UK are:

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