Top Skilled Careers in Australia in 2023

For those who might plan to study abroad in Australia, but who still cannot make a decision about which course you would like to learn or which program can lead to a good life such as compensation, welfare, benefits, and career growth, the University of Wollongong, Australia, has ranked 20 occupations that have the most significant potential for future career growth.

20. Other Information and Organization Professionals

This field depends on the professional’s interests. The area of expertise can be in finance, business, science or social media.

19. Human Resource Professionals

Another career line that is always in high demand. No matter which company, there must always be a human resources employee in the company.

18. Civil Engineering Professionals

Civil engineering is still a career in demand in the future whether in development, planning, or expansion.

17. Human Resource Managers

16. General Practitioners and Resident Medical Officers

The medical profession is still in demand all the time. Any country still needs people with medical skills to become citizens or work in their country.

15. Graphic Designers 14. Accountant

One of the highest-paying professions of all time. A good accountant should be meticulous, calculating, planning and working by the deadlines.

13. ICT Managers

12. Early Childhood Teachers

A career for children lovers who want to build the best foundation for children’s life, and this career is still in great demand in Australia.

11. Advertising and Marketing Professionals

One of the hottest careers right now, marketing professions are in high demand across various industries to make people aware of a particular product or company.

10. School Teachers

9. Secondary School Teachers

8. Intelligence and Policy Analysts

7. Psychologists

6. Child and Aged Care

At present, the profession of child and elderly care is in great demand in Australia.

5. Construction Managers With the ever-increasing construction field, construction managers are always necessary and important in the labour market.

4. Sales Managers

3. Primary School Teachers

2. Programmers

With the constantly evolving technology, the programmer career is in great demand.

1.Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is a profession that is superior to general nurses, also known as the head of the nursing department. As you know, the nursing profession is in great demand in every country. It is not surprising why that registered nurses are in high demand and has the most opportunities for growth in career path more than other careers.


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