Things Know Before Applying For Student Visa

Each person’s goals of studying abroad might be different. Some people’s goals are to study, some would like to work to earn money while studying, some just want to gain experience in traveling abroad. However, the main purpose of applying for a student visa is to study. So, NAICE will tell what you need to know before applying for a student visa.

Studying must be the first thing Australia allows student visa holders to work legally as an additional source of income. Therefore, the Australian government has set a rule that student visa holders can work part-time for up to 40 hours per 2 weeks during the opening semester and work a full-time job during a semester break.

Financial Readiness The applicants must be able to demonstrate funds to support further study throughout the program or, if there is a financial sponsor, the sponsor should show that the sponsor has enough money after paying a tuition.

Choosing a fit program Choosing a program fitting for your work or educational experience, could help students applying gained knowledge to the workplace or could be self-development in the future. Besides, doing this also can reduce the risk of visa denial.

Returning to hometown A student visa is a temporary visa that can only be used for studying abroad. Therefore, the purpose of studying should consider returning to live in the home country. The gained knowledge or skills from the program will be used to increase job opportunities. Plus, if students ****can show a clear purpose in returning to a home country after ending of the program will increase a chances of obtaining a student visa.


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