Pros-Cons of Studying Abroad

The world is currently getting increasingly competitive. Having a degree or professional certificate from an overseas institution provides a massive advantage in anyone’s career. However, there are not only pros. So, NAICE will show you the pros and cons of studying abroad before deciding to study abroad.


Language Development

Being surrounded by the English language is like coercing others to communicate in English. This is another way to strengthen the English language.

Increasing Working Opportunities

Having a degree or certificate from a foreign institution shows that there are many skills you can use to drive the company to grow because of the higher quality of education such as language skills, adaptation skills, working skills and different knowledge skills.

New Learning Ways

Each country has different approaches to learning and teaching. Studying abroad allows students to discover new ways of learning in each country.

New Perspective

Studying abroad is not just sitting and studying in the classroom. Students can learn from the things that they experience. This might be a new world that many people have never seen before.

Invaluable Experience

Studying abroad is one of the experiences that everyone should have. Learning the way of a foreigner’s life, attractions, and getting new connections, are rare things that you can find from studying abroad.


Communication Barrier

In the first period of studying abroad, language might be a barrier to living abroad.  unfamiliar accents or the way that native speakers speak, like faster speech, can cause communication problems.

Culture Shock

Experiencing a new culture or feeling uncomfortable with unfamiliar environments may be a factor causing problems of living in a foreign country.

High Pressure

High compensation always comes with high expectations. People who study abroad often have high expectations from their families that if they come back, they will work in a high position with a high salary.

Home Sick

Being away from home for a long time may cause homesickness which is a symptom that makes you want to go home for various reasons such as an awkward environment, meeting new people, or unfamiliarity with culture.


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