Popular Part-time Jobs for Students in Australia

It is a well-known fact that the cost of studying abroad is expensive in terms of entrance fees, accommodation, and eating, but it does not mean that there is no solution to this problem.

A part-time job is an option for students who are looking at earning an extra income. The compensation through a part-time job might cover all necessary expenses. Fortunately, you can spend the remaining money from doing a part-time job on other matters, like shopping or traveling as well.

Recently, the Australian government raised the minimum wage by 5.2%, so the current minimum wage in Australia is 21.38 AUD, or 518 Thai baht per hour. Plus, Australia allows students to do a part-time job for up to 20 hours a week during the opening semester and a full-time job during a semester breaks.


If you are interested in the service and hospitality industry, being a waiter/waitress in a restaurant is one option for students who would like to do a part-time job. This job is in high demand and does not require a lot of skills. Some restaurants offer free meals for employees, which could save your eating costs.


This job meets the need of students who would like to earn extra income and love driving. There are many types of delivery options such as food, parcels, or goods from the stores. The only required skill for this job is driving skill, and students can apply for this job with a valid driving license. Besides a high compensation, students also see the view of the city while driving.

Shop Assistant

With high pay and no high skill required, a shop assistant, whether it is a staff member or cashier, is one of the most popular jobs among students in Australia. The main functions are to fill the shelves and take care of the customers.

Babysitter Babysitting

A part-time job for those students who love caring for children. Most female students enjoy doing this job. The main duty is to take care of the child, such as feeding, bathing, and putting to bed. Some employers may offer accommodation as a perk. Students, who are interested in doing this job, must complete an Early Childhood course and have prior work experiences of taking care of children.


Australia is another country with a huge coffee culture and famous for both taste and quality of coffee. Because of the huge coffee industry, there are many coffee shops in Australia, and the demand for baristas or shop staff to support the customers is getting higher. The main required skills are communication skills and a services mind because you have to communicate with the customer all day with a positive attitude.


If you are an expert and are skilled enough in one area, Australia also allows students to be tutors. A tutor is another option for students who are looking for earning extra income in the teaching area. Communication skill, knowledge, and proficiency in the topic to be taught is the requirements for working as a tutor in Australia

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