Australian Coffee Culture

Before going to study abroad In Australia, let’s get to know one of the important cultures in Australia, which is coffee.

Culture Of Drinking Coffee☕🧡

Australians love and value coffee very much. They drink coffee every day, whether in the morning, at work, or even at parties. Wherever you go, there’s always a coffee shop nearby. The coffee industry in Australia is highly competitive, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. Australians care about the atmosphere, taste and character of the local coffee beans. As a result, Australians prefer local coffee over branded coffee. That is why popular coffee like Starbucks is not very popular in Australia.

Popular Coffee Drinks Australia has many types of coffee, but Australians prefer to drink only a few types which are;

– Flat White

– Cappuccino

– Latte

Each coffee consists of a shot of espresso and a shot of hot milk. These drinks offer a distinctly different drinking experience that Australians enjoy.

Names of Coffee

– Latte Australians’ favourite coffee. It consists of espresso, hot milk and a little frothed milk on top.

-Flat White A classic menu for Australians. The composition of Flat White is exactly the same as Latte, but with the uniqueness of Australian coffee beans, the flavour is different.

– Cappuccino Classic menu from Italy. It consists of espresso, hot milk and thick milk foam, often sprinkled with chocolate powder on top of the milk foam before serving.

– Long Macchiato An intense drink, developed from the Macchiato, with two shots of espresso and a little frothed milk.

– Long Black It is similar to Americano and consists of 2 shots of espresso and hot water.

– Short Black Slightly different from the Long Black, the Short Black contains only two shots of espresso without hot water.

– Ristretto Often mistaken for half an espresso, a Ristretto is actually a short shot of espresso made with the same amount of ground coffee but half the water. The result is a shot of stronger coffee.

Don’t forget to try while you are in Australia ☕🧡


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