8 Interesting Work Cultures in Australia

Before studying abroad in Australia, here are 8 workplace cultures in Australia that you must know.

1. Get 20 Days of Paid Leave

Every year, Australians have 20 days off. This is in addition to roughly a dozen public holidays when they are not required to work. If you schedule your days off properly, you can take up to 50 days off per year including weekends and holidays.

2. Clearly Separate Working and Personal Time

People in Australia frequently work more than the standard 40 hours a week. Nonetheless, they strive to strike a balance between work and leisure.

3. Socialize while working

Many companies in Australia allow their employees to interact freely with their colleagues during working hours. With flexible working hours, people have more time to chat. This is the reason why Australians rarely talk or do activities together after work hours.

4. Coffee Lover

People in Australia have frequent short coffee breaks. People can go out for coffee anytime they want because of the flexible work hours. In fact, coffee has become an important aspect of Australian office culture.

5. Using Slang in the Workplace

Australia’s workplace culture prioritizes time above all else. It’s no wonder, then, that there’s a propensity in regular business discussions to shorten words and use a lot of slang. As a result, instead of “document,” people will say “doco.”

6. Say Yes to an Extra Work

Employees who refuse to take on tasks are not valued in any strong corporate culture. The same is true in Australia, which is why individuals rarely refuse additional labour. Even if their calendars are already filled, they will usually say “no problem” and make the time.

7. Less Stressful Environment

Australians try to make every situation less stressful including work or even a meeting. They often release jokes to ease the stress of work.

8. Love Sharing Ideas

Working in Australia requires everyone who works there to be involved in the work. Australian organizations encourage their employees to express the opinions

Source: https://www.greatmanagers.com.au/workplace-culture-in-australia/

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