10 Basic Australian Etiquette You Need to Know

Australia is one of the most relaxed countries in the world. With the friendliness of Australians, people are easy to get along with foreigners. But do you know that Australia also has different manners and traditions from other countries? Here is some basic etiquette to know before you travel to Australia.

1. Tipping You may see tipping employees in the United States, other countries, or even Thailand, whether they are hotel staff, restaurant staff or drivers, but not in Australia. In Australia, people don’t tend to tip because it is considered that employees are paid a wage that is appropriate for their job.

2. Keep on the left-hand side Australia’s lifestyle is left-handed, whether driving, walking on the sidewalk, using escalators or cycling. Always keep to the left. It’s not just a matter of politeness but also one of safety to stick to the left side.

3. Elevators In Australia, it’s polite to hold the elevator door and wait for people who are coming into the elevator, and asking other people what floor they want to go to is considered good manners if you stand closest to the buttons.

4. Greeting Australian people have their personal greeting, “G’Day” or “mate”, but you don’t have to say it like Australians because Australians may feel they are being mocked. What you should do is say “Hi” or “Hello” as normal.A handshake may be appropriate if you’re meeting someone with whom you expect to have an ongoing relationship.

5. Boarding trains If you are waiting to get on public transport, you should wait for the people who want to get out of the car first then you can get in as the next in the queue. Not waiting for people who want to leave to leave first is what will offend others.

6. Queueing Jumping a queue is considered rude and disgusting in every situation. It is usually clear where the beginning and end of the line are. But if you cannot find the end of the line, you can ask, “Excuse me, is this the end of the line?”

7. Coughing or sneezing in public If you cough or sneeze, you should cover your nose or mouth with disposable tissue. If there is none available, you must cough or sneeze into the inner elbow rather than the hand.

8. Interacting with service staff Australia values respect and treating others with equality. You must not snap your fingers or yell at the service staff to get their attention.

9. At the table Table manners in Australia are continental which means the fork will be on the left and the knife will be on the right-hand side. Besides, you should eat all the food.

10. Time In Australia, in a business way, coming on time is the right thing to do, but not so. much for a house invitation. If you are invited to an Australians’ house to do some activities or a party, don’t be on time. You should be a bit later than scheduled.

Resource: https://insiderguides.com.au/australian-etiquette

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